Who runs the site? A pair of burlesque fans

Will you post any show? We will post any show that fits these criteria:

  • burlesque or burlesque related (we include cabaret, belly dance and certain other dance shows within our realm.)
  • In Southern California -down to the border and we figure up to about Santa Barbara or so fits that bill. Although we probably wouldn’t turn away a Rosarita or San Luis Obispo show.

Do you blacklist anyone? Nope. I guess in theory we could if someone was being devious or hurtful to the community, but so far that hasn’t been a concern.

You must be blacklisting me, my event isn’t up on your site! Meanies!  If your event is not on our site, that means 1 of 3 things:

  1. You didn’t ever submit your event. You have to send it to us, we aren’t going to get all Sherlock Holmes and find it
  2. You didn’t submit it in even close to the correct format .It says clearly here how to submit. We do our best with some of the submissions that ignore the format…but we have our limits.
  3. It got lost in the shuffle. Perhaps the email gremlins were on the lose. Perhaps you attached a 30 MB photo. Perhaps it was a particularly heavy email load that day. Before you scream “conspiracy!” just calmy send a reminder or resend the event.

Are you doing this to get rich? Hahahahahahahahaha. Haha. Ha. Ahhh.

Can you get me a burlesque gig? We get a surprising amount of emails asking us to introduce or start someone in the burlesque community. Sorry, that is not something we can do. I suggest going to a few shows and getting to know some producers or just sending them a message directly. There are also lots of great classes around that can give you a start.

Can you give me So-and-Sos phone #/Email/Home address?  Uh…no. Weirdo.

Any more questions? Send them to b@burlesquela.com


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