Burlypicks, International Burlesque and Variety Arts Competition

Start Date : Friday, September 5, 2014
End Date : Sunday, September 7, 2014
Time : 9:00 PM to5:30 PM


Burlesque Competition, featuring the talents of performers form all over the world. Friday is the regional competition, Saturday is finals with an international cast, and Sunday is the Burleokee and Lip sync showdown!



Pearl Lux-9550


Event prices

  • Friday, $15

  • Saturday Afternoon classes: ($15 per class, $50 for all day)

  • Saturday $15

  • Sunday $10


  • Patrick the Bank Robber, Red Velvet, Eva Mae Garnet, Tito Bonito, Scarlett DeVille, Pony Death Ride, Penny Star Jr., More Cabaret, Raven LaRoux, April Showers, Lyra LaBelle, The Dirty little secrets, Venus Mantrap,  Bettie P'Asian, Gwen Ruby, The Hollywood Jane Review, Lascivious Jane, Kirby Labrea, Tutus and Tassels, Chakra Tease,  Scarlett Letter, Nadia Lotte, Nikita Bitch Project, Victory Variety Hour, Holly Go Darkly, Egypt Blaque Knyle

Saturday Classes:

12:00 Noon Scarlet Starlet: Dynamic Movement and Stretching for Flexibility

1:00 PM Matt Finish: Ballet for Burlesque with Matt Finish

2:00 PM Cruel Valentine: Burlesque Hip Hop Fusion

3:00 PM Pearl Lux: Ballroom Basics: Musicality and Movement class

4:00 PM Egypt Knyle: Twerking aka Booty Shaking x 10


Patrick the Bank Robber,  Pearl Lux (last year's winner), Ron Dez Vous, Veronica Voss, Egypt Blaque Knyle ( California), Scarlet Starlet (Virginia), Zara Estelle (Illinois), Reggie Bügmüncher ( Pennsylvania ), Kitty LaRue ( Wisconsin ), Delinda D' Rabbit ( Tennessee ), Honey Merlot (Ohio), Frankie Markstone (Florida), Deena Kant ( Netherlands ), Cruel Valentine, ( Illinois ), Bella Blue ( Louisiana ), Poison Ivory ( New York ), Bunny Vish'us Vicious ( Maryland ), Matt



Finish ( Arizona ), Pearl Incognita ( Canada ), Träshique D'Lamour ( Kentucky ), Zara Estelle ( Illinois ), Ruby Moon ( Canada), Betty Badda-Boo, ( Germany ), Donna Denise ( Texas ), Upen' Adam ( Minnesota ), Discordia ( Ohio ), Foxy LaFeelion ( Missouri ), Undine LaVerve ( Malta ), Macabre Noir ( Pennsylvania), Fathom Swanson ( Wyoming ), Kiki Allure ( Maryland ),


Bunny Vicious (Maryland),  Amber Dextrous, Ron Dez Vous, Penny Star Jr., Lyra LaBelle, Scarlett Letter, Tito Bonito, Veronica Voss, Gwen Ruby, Lana Entendre,  Jocelyn Petruccio (Ohio), räshique D'Lamour (Kentucky), Uppen Adam (Minnesota), Zara Estelle (Illinois), Sassy Ray (Canada), Honey Merlot (Ohio), Matt Finish (Arizona), Nicolette Romero (Pennsylvania), Cruel Valentine (Illinois), Best Lip Sync: Lascivious Jane (Pennsylvania), Donna Denise (Texas)

Ballroom at Fais Do Do Friday and Saturday, Cafe on Sunday
Venue address,

5257 W Adams Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016Cross streets: West Adams and Cloverdale



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Organized by burlesquela

Event Categories: Burlesque Shows, Events w/ Burlesque, and Lessons.

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